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Tips For Shopping In Singapore

Singapore is a great place to purchase all kinds of consumer products. It is a tax-free place where you can get almost anything at a great bargain. It is also easy to shop in Singapore as prices in malls and stores are fixed, and discounts are the same for everyone.

Shopping In Singapore

Orchard Road is undoubtedly the most famous shopping street in Singapore. It is a long street popular with visitors, and it’s a stretch of arcades, bookshops, restaurants, cafes and huge shopping malls. Great places where you can shop and dine include Plaza Singapura, Tanglin Mall, Marina Square, Centerpoint, Ngee Ann City and many more. You need to spend at least an entire day here to feel the vibrancy of it and get to enjoy shopping in this beautiful country. If you are on the look for fashion products and top end branded goods, this is the place to go. However, keep in mind that the price for such goods can be quite high if there are no sales, so be on the lookout for that.

Well, there is more to shopping in Singapore than just going to Orchard Road. Visit one of the housing estates where almost 85% of the citizens live, and you will get to see how typical Singaporeans go about their day to day lives. You will even get to know about those bargains travel guides do not tell you.

Here is a couple of extra tips that you will find helpful the next time you decide to go shopping in Singapore:

Be On The Look For Discounts On Larger Sizes During Sales

At the end of a shopping season, you will usually find leftover stock, mostly for bigger sizes of shoes and clothes. Take for instance men shoes; not many Singapore citizens wear the US size 10, 11 and upwards. However, stores do stock them and tend to mark them down when the new models are on the way. So, if you are looking for a bargain, be on the look for this especially in June and July.

If Shopping For Electronics, Make Sure That The Voltage Is Correct

Singapore uses 220V on most electrical appliances. So, if your country uses 110V, you might want to ensure that what you buy can be used at your home. Not all salespeople will advise on this.

Ensure That The Item You Buy Comes With an International Warranty

Do not just assume that every product comes with an international warranty. In most cases, there are some clauses involved, and so, you might want to check with the salesperson before you can even bargain.

Also, if you wish to purchase big-ticket items, it’s wise to make a list of your desired models and check on the prices before you arrive. Yes, Singapore might be one of the best places to buy high-tech items, but if you are not aware of the market prices, the sales predators will take advantage of you. They might be just a few, but there is always unscrupulous salespeople in any market.

Always Ask For Receipts

Some insurance companies do not cover lost or damaged goods without receipts. So, it’s either you get travel insurance that covers every single bit or keep your receipts until you arrive home safely.

Don’t Forget To Take a Spare Bag with You

Yes, carry a spare bag. Some say Singapore is a nation of shopaholics. So, bring along an extra bag just in case the addiction gets you.

Shopping in Singapore is a pleasant experience and with these few tips, it will certainly be exceptional. Almost like nothing you have ever seen before. Enjoy your shopping!

10 Gardens To See When You Visit Singapore

While Singapore has many attractions, it is particularly well-known as a Garden City. That means it boasts many different types of gardens that can be visited at almost all times of the day and night. While the shopping districts of Singapore are of course outstanding, visiting the Green World Within A City or a City Within A Green World as it is a must for anyone who wants to visit Singapore.

The Botanical Gardens

When you visit Singapore, a stop at the Botanical Gardens is a must. At 156 years of age it is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and the only one to be honored as a UNESCO world heritage site. The garden has several lakes, restaurants, exhibition halls and pavilions and boasts a breathtaking amount of various orchid species.

The National Orchid Garden

Located within the above-mentioned botanical garden, is the national orchid garden, which is by many considered the center of orchid studies on our planet. The garden boasts over 60,000 orchid plants, with about 1,000 species and over 2,000 hybrids. They are separated into various color zones along with their matching foliage to depict various color combinations. For anyone who is a fan of orchids, this is absolutely a must go-to location.

The Gardens By the Bay

The Gardens By the Bay are a nature park unlike any other. Singapore has always been styled as a ‘Garden City’. But with the efforts of the government it has also slowly been transformed into a ‘City In A Garden’. Attempting to combine the two, this series of gardens shows how it is possible to successfully combine City Life with Garden Life.

The Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest is one of the smaller but unusual gardens. It attempts to replicate the moist conditions found mostly in the tropical mountains of Southeast Asia as well as Middle and South America high above the sea level. It is accessible via an elevator and boasts ferns, orchids, and thousands of other plant species on various levels with different themes.

The Flower Dome

Much like the cloud forest, the flower dome replicates an unusual climate. In this case it is the dry climates of the Mediterranean and arid tropical regions of South America, South Africa and Australia. We recommend a visit to the Olive Grove where there is a small bistro.

The Supertree Grove

The most dominating structures within the Singapore Gardens are the treelike structures of the Supertree Grove. This vertical garden was built to assist the environmental engines for all of these gardens. Besides the obvious striking look — as well as the elevated walkways that surround it, giving a mesmerizing view of the city — they were built to serve for planting, shading and the collection of rainwater for use in irrigation and the fountains of the gardens. At the same time they are the air intake and exhaust functions of the garden’s cooling systems. This way it beautifully combines architecture and nature. At night the supertrees come alive with music and lights in the OCBC Garden Rhapsody show. This is another must when you visit Singapore.

The Children’s Garden

Especially if you visit the gardens with your kids, a stop at the children’s garden is a must. It features treehouses and adventure trail, with hanging bridges, trampolines, balancing beans and many other attractions to gladden any child’s heart.

The Horticultural Gardens

These gardens attempt to show the relationship between people and plants, as well as plants and the planet. It is part of the garden’s edutainment program that also highlights the importance that various plants play with the different cultural groups in Singapore.

The Flower Market

The flower market is the main entry precinct into the gardens. There are spaces for indoor events as well as various retail, beverage and food outlets. Events are held as well on the outdoor lawn and its large stage.

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