Civil And Business Litigation Attorney

Civil And Business Litigation Attorney

The most common type of legal representations include commercial litigation such as disputes among corporate, shareholder and partnership; claims from foreclosure and construction defect incident and recovery of assets.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

It is a legal dispute in 2 or more parties with claims on money damages or performance.  A lawyer that specializes in this form of litigation is called the “litigator”, or sometimes the “trial lawyer”.  The law firms will represent the clients in trials, hearings, arbitration and mediation.

Litigation Process

There are 7 stages to the process:

–  investigation
–  pleadings
–  discovery
–  pre-trial
–  trial
–  settlement
–  appeal

Take note that not all legal suit will go through each of the above mentioned stages.  Most of the legal lawsuits are stopped before the trial (settlement) and many does not appeal.

The litigation process can range from a few months to many years.

The civil and business litigation attorney will start with a thorough investigation and assessment of claims or defences.  The lawyer has to ensure the client’s rights duties and responsibilities so that they can evaluate the case effectively and consistently.  The litigation lawyer will then proceed to filing and responding to the complaint.  They will then proceed to detail discovery so as to be able to prepare or defend the case/client.

Civil And Business Litigation Attorney

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