Top Divorce Lawyer Singapore

Top Divorce Lawyer Singapore

According to the report on “Statistics on Marriages and Divorces” from Department of Statistics, more couples got married and less married couples divorced.

More Marriages

In 2013, there was 27,936 marriages. This was 2.5% higher than 2011. The increased in the couples tying the knots could be due to the pro-family policy introduced by the Singapore Government. Hopefully, the society will continue to support this initiative.

Top Divorce Lawyer Singapore

Marrying Later

It is also true that people are getting married later now. Statistic has shown that the median marriage age has rose from 28.9 years to 30.1 years for men; 26.3 years to 28.0 for women.

This could be the result of more young couples seeking to established their career prior to a lifelong commitment such as marriage.

Education Level

It is also interesting to note that there was an increased trend of women marrying men that has lower education qualification. This is indeed encouraging as the society opens up.

Ethnic Marriage

More people are also marry outside their ethnic group – an increase of 12% since 2002. This is more prevalent among Muslim marriages.

Younger Men Older Women

It is interesting to note more and more men are marrying older women – an increase of 5%.


The divorced stands at 7,241 in 2012 – a small decreased since 2011.


Divorce lawyers in Singapore are handling an increased complexity of divorce cases. This is due to the fact that most couples today are established in their career, and many men and women have more assets than before. This creates additional complexity when it comes to debate on how should the asset be divided among the couple in cases of filing for divorce.

Thus, it is a challenge for the local law firms and lawyers to find the time to get the most details out from their clients so that they can make a fair legal representation.  A good law firm will allocate enough and appropriate resources to help their client with the legal process.

Age Group

Those aged 45 years and above represent the major share in divorcing. It has since risen by about 30%.

The largest % comes from couple who were married for between 5 to 9 years. This is followed by group married for 20 years or longer.

Top Reasons For Divorces

The top 2 reasons cited for civil divorces are “unreasonable behaviour” and “having lived apart or separated for 3 years or more”.

For Muslims, the main reasons for divorces are “infidelity” and “financial problems”





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