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Singapore Personal Injury Lawyer

Singapore Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been in an accident, and you are the victim, then you will need to consider if you should hire a personal injury lawyer that is an expert in handling auto accident matters to help you with recovering money to pay the bills for your auto repair, injury treatment, loss of productive time and compensation for the pain and suffering.

Who Can be Victims

The victims in this case can be the driver,  by standers, the passengers and the spouse of the injured.


The auto accident victims may potentially be able to recover compensation not juts from the other accident driver,  but also the car owner and perhaps even the employer of that driver.

The victims may claim expenses for current and future medical costs.  if the victim suffered permanent injuries, then the compensation may include additional payouts for the suffering and loss of income.

Auto Accident Lawyer

It is recommended that you get a lawyer to help you with all the injury claims.  In an accident and if the other driver’s insurance company contact you for details of your information and injury description – do not give it to them.  Let the personal injury lawyer help you with the negotiation.  The injury claim solicitor will negotiate with the other insurance company.  The solicitor may also recommend that the case be heard in court.

It is always useful to hire an attorney for car accident so that you can be sure that you are protected in every ways, and that your recovery of money is done appropriately.